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There is a nice thing about having a project in the long run, it's the increasing number of edge cases covered.

When you first release your code, you have a set of checks you've implemented that covers most cases, but often, you miss a few that can crash your app.

And having your app crash is never a great feeling as a founder when you then need to reach out to your users to explain why your service stopped working. You might feel dumb because that bug was easy to guess, or it should never have happened in the first place, but you forgot one little thing and it came tumbling down.

But instead of feeling down, ashamed or wanting to stop your project, you should consider this an opportunity. An opportunity to improve your service.

Granted, this bug wasn't great, but now, you're sure it won't happen again because you've implemented the needed precautions you initially forgot about. To put this differently:

Your product got better!

So next time you check your emails and see all the warnings about your server not working, consider this as an opportunity to improve what you offer. The issue you are having is the last time you'll have it, and everything will be better from now on.